PikPok is heading to PAX Australia!

This October we’ll be heading over to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre with an exclusive demo of Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days. Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days is a PC side-scrolling shelter survival game that tasks you with guiding a desperate group of zombie apocalypse survivors to safety. Craft weapons, scavenge resources, balance your group’s needs, and try to get everyone out of danger alive. The game is set to launch in Early Access on Steam in 2024, and this exclusive demo will be the first time players will get their hands on gameplay.

Members of the PikPok team will also be there to talk to guests about our other critically acclaimed titles, and give advice on working in the games industry.


Watch the trailer and wishlist Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days now on Steam: http://link.pikpok.com/steamourdarkestdays

Check out current job vacancies at PikPok: http://apply.workable.com/pikpok