Into the Dead

Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days



Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days is a side-scrolling shelter survival game that tasks you with guiding a desperate group of zombie apocalypse survivors to safety. Craft weapons, scavenge resources, balance your group’s needs, and try to get everyone out of danger alive.


Texas, 1980. Walton City is a sprawling, coastal metropolis in the grip of a scorching heatwave and crippling economic crisis. Everything changes when an unstoppable zombie outbreak reaches US shores. Walton City is soon overrun by hordes of the undead, the few remaining survivors cut off from any chance of outside help. Forced to band together, these everyday people must make their way to a rumored safe zone outside of the city and their only chance of survival. 


– Gather a group of ordinary people who have been left shaken by the sudden zombie outbreak that has devastated their city.
– Establish upgradable shelters to house your survivors and protect them from the zombie threat — but remember that no barriers can keep them out forever.
– Keep moving from refuge to refuge to stay one step ahead of the encroaching zombie hordes. As their numbers grow, parts of Walton City will become more difficult to scavenge, or completely uninhabitable.
– Balance the physical and psychological needs of the group, and try to maintain order when fear and paranoia set in.


– Creep through the remains of Walton City to scavenge precious resources, risking the life of each survivor as they encounter both zombie and human threats. Stealth is key — one loud noise could alert an overwhelming zombie cluster.
– Choose whether to engage in brutal combat or run from a fight. Not everyone is a natural fighter, but desperate people will do anything to survive.
– Convince others to join your group, deceive them out of supplies, or cut them down and claim their resources as your own.


– Test your humanity as you make tough decisions on who will live, who will die, and who will be left behind.
– Inhabit the rich and atmospheric cityscape of Walton City, the once-bustling metropolis now an eerie ruin swarming with zombies.
– Craft tools, weapons, and shelter upgrades to better equip your survivors for the struggles ahead, or give them a moment of comfort and familiarity in their dangerous new world.
– Encounter a dynamic urban environment that changes over time, so every playthrough is a new experience.